What happened to ASP Apparel?

ASP Apparel became ASP Culture as the business expanded beyond custom-made clothing into an array of arts, crafts, and media.

What happened to ASP Culture?

The majority of designs at ASP Culture incorporated symbols associated with Satanism and Heathenry, and as many of these — particularly those derived from runic alphabets — became increasingly linked to "political hate groups", ASP Culture was unjustly targeted for deplatforming by neo-Christian iconoclasts and Satanic anarchist activists from 2017-2020 resulting in social media censorship, communication issues, and eventually the entire online shop being deleted and removed in the summer of 2020 with the following message from the host:

"We have determined that your account is in violation of the Hateful Content category of the Acceptable Use Policy due to the content on your shop, including for example the following: 'Valknut Printed T-shirt'..."

Due to a combination of this, the outbreak of COVID-19, and a maturation of Ash Palmer's aesthetic and philosophical perspectives, ASP Apparel & ASP Culture were permanently discontinued in 2020.