What happened to Ashley S. Palmer (ASP)?

Ashley S. Palmer (aka ASP / Ash Palmer) became a father in 2016 and withdrew from the chaotic cacophony of social media in 2017 to spend time focussing on family and productive offline pursuits.

As a lifelong Nietzschean atheist with a penchant for the Ancient World, he revisited and discovered integral works during this time, and through deep study and philosophical refinement, his current worldview is no longer unwittingly tainted by pseudohistorical occultism and Judeo-Christian concepts. [1]

In recent years he has found inspiration in a positive, science-based, futuristic revitalisation of authentic pre-Christian, Indo-European mythologems and gods as inspirational archetypes — shining examples being the Greco-Roman triad of Jupiter, Mars, and Apollo.


  1. To clarify the prior unwitting connection to "pseudohistorical occultism and Judeo-Christian concepts", below are examples:

  • Due to the unfortunate prevalence of pseudohistorical definitions of symbols provided by prominent figures in the Satanism/Heathenry/neo-Pagan milieu, ASP Culture made use of alleged "pre-Christian pagan" symbols such as the 'Black Sun' and 'Armanen' runes, unaware that the ancient associations and meanings ascribed to them — as with many Satanic/Heathen/neo-Pagan symbols — were mystical inventions by 19-20th century occultists such as 'Guido von List'.

  • 'Heathen' and 'Pagan' — from classical Latin pāgānus "rural", "rustic" — are derogatory terms first used in the 4th century by Judeo-Christians for non-Judeo-Christians.

  • 'Satan' — from Hebrew term śāṭān (Hebrew: שטן) — meaning "accuser"/"adversary" and the verbs "to obstruct/'to oppose". Throughout Judeo-Christian mythology 'Satan' is most commonly characterised as a supernatural entity responsible for "evil" and is synonymous with 'the devil' .

  • The 'Sigil of Baphomet' — the goat head pentagram symbol of Satanism — is taken from artwork published in 1897 by Stanislas de Guaita of the 'Rosicrucian Order' (Judeo-Christian occultism), and features the Hebrew letters — לויתן — referencing Leviathan, the chaotic sea monster in the Hebrew Bible.

  • The 'Enochian Keys' used in Satanic Ritual are based upon the Judeo-Christian "occult language" known as the 'First Language of God-Christ' or 'The Language of Angels' linked to 16th Century occultist, John Dee.